Aiste Dewulf


Chief Learning and Business Development Officer, GLOBIS Europe BV


Critical and Analytical Skills


Critical Thinking


MASA, The University of British Columbia, Canada
BSS, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan



Aiste has extensive experience as a learning and development consultant with Japanese and multinational corporations. She has successfully led the design and implementation of various customized learning projects that address management issues in Japan, Europe, and the Middle East. She is also actively engaged in the research and application of new methodologies to enhance the learning experience.

Before joining GLOBIS, Aiste spent eight years as a solutions consultant at a Japanese automated controls manufacturer in Tokyo. While there, she was involved in large domestic and international projects for building and industrial automation.

Originally from Lithuania, Aiste spent fifteen years in Japan and is fluent in Japanese. She has also lived and worked in Germany, Canada, and Belgium.

At GLOBIS University, Aiste leverages her consulting and cross-cultural background as a lecturer of Critical Thinking. She hopes to encourage every learner to explore their patters of thinking for more effective decision-making and communication.

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