Paving the Way for Creation and Innovation

Launching GLOBIS Philippines in the EMEA region has enabled us to be even closer to our customers and students in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. It's an important step toward bringing the expertise of Japan’s largest MBA to a thriving region, where current and future business leaders will be in need of practical, expert knowledge and skills to harness the power of technology and innovate in a new era of great change.
Yoshito Hori President and Founder, GLOBIS Corporation
President, GLOBIS University
Managing Partner, GLOBIS Capital Partners
With GLOBIS Manila Inc. we continue in expanding our business education offerings to the world. The Philippines is one of our highest potential markets, and we will continue our mission of developing visionary leaders through an ecosystem of people, capital, and knowledge.
Corporate Training
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Nica Magnaye President and Director
GLOBIS Manila Inc.
Through our various services, we are delighted to provide our partners and learners in the Philippines with practical business skills, a powerful global network, and a mindset for growth and social contribution.
Our Vision

We believe that everyone has the potential for self-fulfillment and leadership, no matter where you are from―that is one of our fundamental philosophies that we follow at GLOBIS. But even if someone were to have that potential, it’s still difficult to know where to start your journey.

For the last three decades we have empowered leaders through an ecosystem of people, capital, and knowledge. We have strived to foster a community of professionals devoted to developing their kokorozashi―personal missions that allow one to unify passion and skills to have a positive impact in society. Throughout their journeys of self-discovery we have witnessed thousands develop confidence, motivation, and perseverance to innovate in their companies, countries, and the world.

Our vision is for people, capital, and knowledge to play a pivotal role in finding ways to solve global problems, inspiring even more individuals to find, and accomplish their kokorozashi.

With GLOBIS Manila Inc., we continue the GLOBIS mission to support ecosystems of people, capital, and knowledge to ultimately leave a positive impact and contribute to the future of business.

We look forward to serving you!

Our Story
GLOBIS was launched in 1992 starting with 20 students taking a single marketing course in a small rented classroom in Shibuya. For over three decades since our founding, GLOBIS remains committed to its vision of creating and innovating societies through an ecosystem of people, capital, and knowledge.

In total over 180,000 people have completed GLOBIS courses, and over 1,900,000 individuals have received on-site and online corporate training. Not just experts in developing the next-generation leaders with GLOBIS Capital Partners, our leading venture capital fund in Japan, we have reached a total AUM of close to €1B.

Since 2012, we have expanded globally with offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok, and San Francisco. In July 2022, we continued our global expansion by launching a new hub in Brussels, Belgium. GLOBIS Europe is our first EMEA base and continues our mission to develop leaders around the world.

As we expand, we will continue to challenge ourselves to ultimately become the world’s No. 1 MBA in the Technovate Era.
Our Team

Nica Magnaye

President & Director, GLOBIS Manila Inc.

Satoshi Hirose

Director, GLOBIS Manila Inc.

Wijitapar Marome

Director, GLOBIS Manila Inc.

David Sta. Maria

Treasurer, GLOBIS Manila Inc.

Mika del Rosario

Marketing & Promotion, GLOBIS Manila Inc.

The GLOBIS Difference
GLOBIS is not just another business school where you learn theories through academic books. We offer a practical study experience in which you can apply your learned skills right away at your office.
Our History

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