Extensive Industry Experience Meets Unrivaled Dedication to Students.
GLOBIS lecturers are all business professionals with on-the-ground experience in a wide array of industries. As experts in their fields, they enable students to not only learn, but gain the confidence to put their new skills into practice.
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Top Business Professionals

Learn from lecturers who possess extensive management experience in a wide array of industries.

Excellent Facilitation Skills

During your discussion-based classes our lecturers will enable you to cross the line between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’.

Passionate and Accessible

Our lectureres care deeply about your personal growth and future success, and will gladly remain in touch even after your studies.

Satoshi Hirose

Director, GLOBIS Manila Inc.

Jorge Calvo

Deputy Dean, GLOBIS University

Toru Takahashi

President & CEO, GLOBIS Europe BV

Sven Van Stichel

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, GLOBIS Europe BV

Trond Varlid

President, EMC Quest KK & Program Director, JMEC Business Training Program

Aiste Dewulf

Chief Learning and Business Development Officer, GLOBIS Europe BV

Dr. Meri Rosich

Chief Data Officer, SCB CCIB

Axel Wellbrock

Founder & President, Kay Group K.K.

Dr. Asuka Takaoka

Professor, GLOBIS University

Darren Menabney

Lead of Global Employee Engagement at Ricoh Co. Ltd.

Karl O’Callaghan

CEO & Founder at kaigai.world

John Flanagan

General Manager for Japan and Regional Head of Programming and Marketing Asia at A+E Networks

Satoshi Ito

Owner & President, CAT

Jake Pratley

Head of the Student Recruitment Office at GLOBIS University

Jun Kabigting

Managing Principal Consultant HR Central K.K.

Tadahiro Wakasugi

Professor and Director at GLOBIS University

Venkataraman Sriram

Advisor to Nihon Unisys Ltd. and Macnica Fuji Electronics Holdings Inc.

Akio Mori

Professor at GLOBIS University

Philip Jones

Lecturer, GLOBIS University

Akira Toda

CEO, Akira Marketing LLC, CEO Viaggio Inc.

Daisuke Asahara


Toshimasa Mori

Marketing and Strategy, Organizational Behavior and HRM

Yoshitaka Saeki

Lecturer, Accounting and Finance