Luigi Joseph Beltran

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GLOBIS MBA gives you access to a network of international students with a diversity of backgrounds and industry experiences.

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

After attending my first info session, GLOBIS left a distinct impression on me that was very different from the other MBAs I considered. GLOBIS places equal emphasis on professional development, personal growth, and social impact. It appeared to me as a clear invite to go on a journey of living a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life as a manager, leader, and person.

What did you like most about the GLOBIS MBA?

Rapid personal and professional growth are enabled by the interactive style of teaching and the multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural perspectives of each class. All the personal and professional growth happens in the context of a supportive environment and batch mates who make the experience more enriching.

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

My MBA journey thus far has pushed me way out of my comfort zone and well into my growth zone. GLOBIS has sharpened my technical skills to become a better manager and leader, while making me reflect deeply on my personal mission.

Which were your favorite courses?

I recognize that the foundational courses (CRT, BAN, Operations, Strategy, Marketing, HRM, OBH) have greatly contributed to my professional development in the past year. However, my favorite courses thus far have been the ones focused more on personal development and leadership — specifically, ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’ and ‘Leadership, Ethics, and Values.’ These two courses are what I personally feel set GLOBIS students apart.

If you were given a choice on which moment you want to relive as a student, what would it be?

Only one moment? That’s tough. If that’s the case, I think it would be when I attended my first info session/trial class, so that I can always go back to the moment I was first drawn to the concept of kokorozashi and started to reflect more deeply on my purpose.

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