Ma. Cecille Lojo

Industry Background

Vehicle Manufacturing

Program Intake

Full-time MBA

Country of Assignment


With a clearer understanding of my ‘kokorozashi’, I gained the confidence to lead myself, making purposeful decisions that have brought about meaningful changes in my life since joining GLOBIS.

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

I chose the GLOBIS MBA primarily for its focus on practical business cases within the curriculum, providing learning experiences that are immediately applicable to real-world business situations in the workplace.

What did you like most about the GLOBIS MBA?

What I appreciated most about the GLOBIS MBA was the opportunity to learn and collaborate with students from various nationalities and backgrounds, each offering unique perspectives. This diverse environment enriched the overall learning experience and fostered a global mindset.

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

GLOBIS played a significant role in both my personal and professional development by providing platforms for me to define my ‘kokorozashi,’ thereby helping clarify my purpose and values.

Which were your favorite courses?

I found culture and behavior-focused courses, like Cross-Cultural Management and Power & Influence, to be particularly valuable, especially since joining a global company in Japan. These courses aided me in navigating my organization and adapting to various situations with deeper insights.

If you were given a choice on which moment you want to relive as a student, what would it be?

I would choose to relive the casual study and brainstorming sessions with my classmates, where everyone not only shared their perspectives enthusiastically but also listened to others with respect, making the overall learning experience very enjoyable.


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