Maria Luisa Mikhaela Del Rosario

Industry Background

Design and Manufacturing

Program Intake

Full-time MBA

Country of Assignment


I don’t think I’ve encountered a Business School that also helps students find their personal mission.

What made you choose the GLOBIS MBA?

During the peak of my career, I was looking into getting an MBA degree to continue my personal and career growth. I was looking into multiple universities including GLOBIS and asked a sign which one I should enter. Then I saw my high school batchmate just graduated from GLOBIS. I took it as a sign to pursue my MBA in GLOBIS and my dream to live in Japan.

What did you like most about the GLOBIS MBA?

The quality of education from professors especially the Technovate programs which is essential in today’s digital-centric industry. Also having “Kokorozashi” as the institute’s core.

How did GLOBIS help you achieve personal and professional changes?

It is the pivot in my career into having a deeper understanding regarding the different aspects of Business, Sales and Marketing, Consumer Insights, Accounting and Finance, and technology-driven courses – from having a “tunnel vision” of knowing digital marketing to having a broader knowledge of digital transformation.

Which were your favorite courses?

Essentials of Marketing and Strategy, Technovate for Future Enterprise, Leadership Development, Ethics and Values, Design Thinking and User Experience, Customer Journey & Branding, Strategic Reorganization, Social Venture Management, and Integrated Learning Program: Internship.

If you were given a choice on which moment you want to relive as a student, what would it be?

Learning all the valuable courses from the professors, happy memories with friends, and the time when I had my internship with SOMIC in Hamamatsu.

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